Since 1996, Green Steam Products has been providing innovative products to the model
railroader.  Twenty years ago, we started with three items:  An optical train-detector module, a
grade-crossing-signal flasher module, and an LED HO crossbuck signal.  Today, available from
Green Steam are electronic-animation modules and supplies; DCC systems, decoders, and
accessories; operating signals; locomotives and rolling stock; knuckle-couplers, metal wheels,
and trucks; track, turnouts, and cork roadbed; slow-motion switch machines; scenery materials
and scenic accessories; tools; and more.  Using the buttons at the left, poke around our site for
more details and look below for news of what we’ve been up to lately.  Thanks for stopping by!
               New Product Line:  CUSTOM SIGNAL SYSTEMS

A small business based in Salt Lake City, Custom Signal Systems hand-builds a
variety of lineside signals in Z to HO.  They all use special micro-miniature LEDs
which produce amazing reds, yellows, and greens in true signal-color and not the
usual electronic "LED-color".

We have in stock two different styles of searchlight signals, one with a simplified
maintenance ladder resembling many installed on the Southern Pacific and the
other featuring a full ladder and platform with railing.  We'll be stocking a "Type D"
signal (three lights in a vertical row with green on top) from Custom Signal
Systems soon.
Updated 12/30/15
                      New Product Line:  TAM VALLEY DEPOT

I'd been advertising for a few years an actuation system for grade-crossing gates
and semaphore signals that was in development.  For several reasons, that system
never came to pass.  While researching alternative products, I came upon the Dual
3-Way servomotor actuator/decoder by Tam Valley Depot.  This is an impressive,
yet easy-to-use, device that will issue up-and-down commands to a crossing gate
and vertical/diagonal/horizontal commands to a semaphore blade.  The positions
and speed are adjustable with pushbuttons on the circuit board and two servos can
be operated independently.  It will take inputs directly from train detectors or can
be operated from your DCC system.
                          New Product Line:  ITT PRODUCTS

Now that our grade-crossing protection is being upgraded with an operating gate,
what else would make this even better?  A bell!  Using actual recordings of the
prototype, ITT Products markets five different grade-crossing bell modules from
traditional mechanical bells to the modern electronic bell, and even a wig-wag bell!  
Each type is recorded in "endless loop" fashion so when it's activated it'll ring
forever!  [Or until you turn it off]  It interfaces easily to our optical detector or many
other brands of train-detection circuits.