Here you can find out about the products that started Green Steam Products.  We
market our own line of electronic items to help you keep track of what's happening
on your layout and to bring it to life.  Almost everything is hand-built.  Most are
useful across a variety of scales.  Click on the links below for more information.  For
even greater detail, all of the instruction sheets that are packaged with the products
are available for downloading in PDF format.  A few of the pages are still under
construction, but we'll get 'em done soon!
GSP-1A  Quad Optical Detector Module

GSP-2A  Dual Alternating Flasher Module

GSP-3  Operating LED Crossbuck

GSP-4  Rural Crossbuck Kits

GSP-5  Marker Light Kit

GSP-6  End-of-Train (EOT) Device Kit

GSP-7  12VDC Power Conditioner

GSP-8  LED Panel Lamps

GSP-9  Shuttle Module

GSP-13  Photocell Light Sensors

GSP-14  Automatic Signal Controller Module