This popular kit includes battery pack, SPST slide
switch, current limiting resistor, two red dot point
LED marker lights, and complete instructions.
Power is provided by two AAA batteries (not
included).  Use of onboard battery power avoids
flickering lights from dirty track or faulty wheel
pick-up wipers.  Installation is easy!  Attach the
battery pack to the floor of the car, position the
LED marker lights where ever you like, install the
slide switch in a convenient location, make only a
few solder connections, and you are ready to roll
into the night!
Download the Instruction Sheet (PDF)
GSP-5  Marker Light Kit . . . $4.95
As shown in the photos, the Green
Steam Marker Light Kit has many
potential uses.  The LEDs can be
mounted on the exterior of the car
like older-style lanterns, or on the
inside with the lens through a hole
for a more modern application.  
You can even use one to mark the
rear of your Amtrak passenger
The low-power LEDs consume very little power
after a train show having forgotten to turn them
off and, when we opened the box a month later,