Green Steam Products' Operating HO LED
Crossbuck is an accurately-scaled replica of
the prototype.  The LED lamps are connected
in a common-cathode, or common-negative,
configuration.  An appropriate current-limiting
resistor (supplied for 12-volt DC applications)
is required in the common lead.  Several of
these crossbucks can easily be driven by each
half of our Dual Alternating Flasher Module.

Though they're designated as HO models,
many N-scalers have used them either as-is, or
by carefully removing the base and mounting
them lower in the ground.
Download the Instruction Sheet (PDF)
GSP-3  Operating HO LED Crossbuck . . . $19.95
These handsome models are
hand crafted by Green Steam
Products from brass and styrene.
Due to the high demand and
labor-intensive construction
there are seldom many of these
crossbucks in the inventory.
Please allow a little extra time for
delivery of this item.