Our Dual Alternating Flasher Module includes
two independent alternating flasher circuits
which are able to drive 12-volt incandescent
lamps (such as grain-of-wheat or grain-of-rice)
or LEDs through current limiting resistors.  Its
main function is to operate grade crossing
signals, such as Green Steam Products'
Operating LED Crossbuck or those from many
other companies, but with the adustable flash
rate from 0.5Hz to 10Hz you can use it for
anything from simulating fast-rate emergency
vehicle lights to beacons on bridges or tall
buildings that blink at a very slow rate.
Download the Instruction Sheet (PDF)
GSP-2A  Dual Alternating Flasher Module . . . $14.95
Each flasher circuit has its own
trigger input.  A 12-volt signal on
the trigger line will turn on the
associated flasher.  This module is
designed to operate from a filtered
12-volt DC power supply.  When
using LED signals, they must
wired in a common-cathode, or
common-negative, configuration.

Combine this unit with Green
Steam Products’ Optical Train
Detector Module (GSP-1A) to
automate grade crossings on your
railroad.  Works in any scale!  Easy
installation.  Circuit board and
illustrated instructions are