Green Steam Products' Quad Optical Train
Detector Module includes four complete and
independent optical detector circuits on a
single circuit board.  Each circuit comes with
a photo sensor that you mount under the
track between the ties.  When the shadow of a
train falls on the face of the detector, a 12 volt
DC signal is generated that can be used for
any purpose you desire.  Each circuit has its
own sensitivity control to adjust for varying
amounts of ambient light.
Possible uses include staging
tracks, tunnels, hidden yards,
control panel train location display
and many others.  Detector outputs
can be used to trigger the Green
Steam Products Dual Flasher
Module to automatically control
operating crossbucks at a grade
crossing.  Additional uses of this
product are only limited by your
Download the Instruction Sheet (PDF)
GSP-1A  Quad Optical Detector Module . . . $29.95