A multi-purpose electronic memory module, this product incorporates the digital logic
required to drive wayside signals based on a combination of conditions on the track
in the vicinity of the signals.  There are up to 18 inputs for train-location detectors and
turnout-position indicators and up to 16 outputs for signal heads.  To cover several of
the most popular signaling scenarios, switches are provided on the module for you to
select any one of 12 preprogrammed configurations.  These include a single track with
automatic block signals, a junction location where one track splits into two (or two
converge into one, depending on your point of view), and the interaction of a mainline
with a siding track.  Multiple Signal Modules can be connected together to extend
certain configurations or combine two or more together.

The Signal Module will operate color-light or searchlights using either LEDs or 12V
grain-of-wheat bulbs.  You can have them display three aspects (Red/Yellow/Green) or
four (Red/Yellow/Flashing-Yellow/Green).

Everything you need to set up and operate the desired configuration is on the circuit
board; there is no computer interface.  Almost any form of train detector will work
provided that the output of the detector is at 0V (a.k.a. “pulled to ground” or “pulled
low”) when detecting the presence of a train.

[NOTE:  Block detection circuitry is NOT incorporated into the Signal Module!]

In addition, a “lamp test” function is available that turns on all outputs in order for you
to verify that the signals are connected and no bulbs or LEDs are defective.

Though several popular signal scenarios are available with the flip of a switch, there
are endless possibilities for special situations.  By prior coordination with Green
Steam Products, the memory chip can be reprogrammed by the factory to suit a vast
number of custom signaling schemes based on your particular track plan, operating
philosophy, and personal interests.
GSP-14  Automatic Signal Controller Module . . . $39.95
Download the Instruction Sheet (PDF)